Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Diskgroup is not compatible for database usage

At the time of database creation using dbca on X3 Exadata Box, found this compatibility mismatch issue.

Diskgroup "+DATA_DR" is not compatible for database usage. Database compatible attribute of diskgroup should be the same or lower than the database compatible initialization parameter value.Database compatible parameter is set to ""and the diskgroup database compatibility attribute is set to "".  

The error was easy to understand as compatible parameter set in the database initialization parameter was lower than the compatible rdbms set for the diskgroup in ASM. The db compatible parameter was set to whereas for the diskgroup compatible rdbms was set to

DBCA (choose General Purpose) doesn’t provide any screen wherein we can change the parameter value. But as we want to create the database using dbca, we need to change the parameter value in the template stored in ORACLE_HOME/assistants/dbca/templates

[oracle@xxxxx ~]$ cd {ORACLE_HOME}/assistants/dbca/templates
[oracle@xxxxx templates]$ vi General_Purpose.dbc 

         <initParam name="audit_file_dest" value="{ORACLE_BASE}/admin/{DB_UNIQUE_NAME}/adump"/>
         <initParam name="compatible" value=""/>

         <initParam name="remote_login_passwordfile" value="EXCLUSIVE"/>

Edit above compatible parameter to and save the file and start creating database using dbca, you won't be faced this issue again.

Thank you,
Manish Nashikkar

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