Friday, July 11, 2014

After Cloning DB Tier Service Name Shows PROD (Source Database) Name

After Cloning DB Tier, Service Name shows like this. (The same also name also reflecting in lsnrctl status UAT)  This is wrong, So we need do the folloing steps.

Error Message:

sql > show parameter service



Step 1: Shut down the Apps Tier, if it's up (

Then Go to respective Directory.


$ ls -lrt wfctqrec.sql


step 2:SQL> sqlplus apps/passwd
SQL> @wfctqrec.sql applsys passwd

Step 3: Bounce the DB and Local Listener in Both RAC Nodes (using srvctl)

Setp 4: Start Both Nodes and Listener

Step 5: Now check the show parameter service, It shows

After finishing above tasks, its changed.

sql > show parameter serviceservice_names string UAT

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