Friday, August 29, 2014

How to Speed up and Troubleshooting MRP (Log Apply Rate of a Standby Database) Stuck Issues

To Speed up MRP on Standby database, Check for

1) parallel_execution_message_size - this is an OS dependent parameter
2) recovery_parallelism - this will be dictated by the numbers of CPU's and your ability to handle IO

3) Consider increasing sga_target parameter, if it's set to low.
4) Check for Disk I/O. Move you I/O intensive files to faster disks including Online Redo log and Standby redo log files.

I've came across below these links, which I've found very useful in this regards,

How to resolve MRP stuck issues on a physical standby database? (Doc ID 1221163.1)

Steps to perform for Rolling forward a standby database using RMAN Incremental Backup. (Doc ID 836986.1)

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