Saturday, February 23, 2013

Details of Adpreclone and Adcfgclone, when it runs

What happens when you run adpreclone and adcfgclone. The below steps give you better understanding and enhance your troubleshooting skills.

When you run this commnad dbTier . This will run in two steps Techstack and database.

It will create following directories in the ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/clone & Jlib, db, data where “Jlib” relates to libraries, “db” will contain the techstack information, “data” will contain the information related to datafiles and required for cloning.

It creates driver files at ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/driver/instconf.drv

It converts inventory from binary to xml, the xml file is located at $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/clone/context/db/Sid_context.xml

Prepare database for cloning:
This includes creating datbase control file script and datafile location information file at
adcrdbclone.sql, dbfinfo.lst

Generates database creation driver file at ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/clone/data/driver

Copy JDBC Libraries at ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/clone/jlib/classes12.jar and appsoui

When Running adpreclone appsTier

This will create stage directory at $COMMON_TOP/clone. This also run in two steps.

Techstack:Creates template files for

Creates Techstack driver files for

APPL_TOP preparation:
-It will create application top driver file$COMMON_TOP/clone/appl/driver/appl.drv
-Copy JDBC libraries$COMMON_TOP/clone/jlib/

Now Shutdown all the services of Application and database for Copy the file System to target location

Configuring the target systemOnce it is done . Run as below for apps Tier and dbTier.

On database side:cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutils/clone/binperl dbTier pwd=apps
This will use the templates and driver files those were created while running on source system and has been copied to target system.

Following scripts are run by dbTier for configuring techstack — This will check the system for ld, ar, cc, and make versions. — This will clone the context file. This will ceate a new context file as per the details of this instance.
runInstallConfigDriver — located in $Oracle_Home/appsutil/driver/instconf.drv
Relinking $Oracle_Home/appsutil/install/ — This will relink ORACLE_HOME

For data on database side, following scripts are run
Driver file $Oracle_Home/appsutil/clone/context/data/driver/data.drv
Create database
Autoconfig is run
Control file creation adcrdbclone.sql

On Application Side:COMMON_TOP/clone/bin/perl appsTier pwd=apps
Following scripts are run by
Creates context file for target

Run driver files

Relinking of Oracle Home$ORACLE_HOME/bin/$IAS_ORACLE_HOME/bin/
At the end it will run the driver file $COMMON_TOP/clone/appl/driver/appl.drv and then runs autoconfig.

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